horseback riding holidays in Portugal

Come enjoy a horseback riding holiday with us in Portugal. Riding the world famous Portuguese Lusitanos. Gallop endless beaches, canter through many different forests, trot along ancient trails, gaze at beautiful landscapes and enjoy local food and culture.

Our trails begin south of the capital city of Lisbon, in Alentejo, a region filled with beautiful landscapes and wide open spaces to ride. Whether we ride inland or near the coast, this area is mostly free of highways and traffic. Our trails are the best way to enjoy the scenery as we traverse quiet country roads, trotting and cantering our way through the Mediterranean oak, pine, cork and eucalyptus forests. Sandy trails near the coast provide lots of opportunity to explore at a canter.

Our beaches are deserted with miles of beautiful sand to gallop.calendar
Come enjoy and explore beautiful, sunny Portugal.

Raides Vicentinos will provide a wonderful and enjoyable holiday filled with
lasting memories.

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