Alentejo Coast (S-N)

Magnificent horses, spectacular scenery and outstanding accommodation make this horse holiday one of the most enjoyable in Europe.

The Costa Azul, also known as the Blue Coast, is the southern stretch of Portugal’s west coast. It is as long and beautiful as the Algarve. However, on the Costa Azul you do not have to worry about running into lots of tourists. Here you can find deserted beaches. If you want to go to Portugal and avoid the crowds of the Algarve, the Blue Coast is your destination. Ride across old paths through the untouched landscape of southwest Portugal, through vast valleys to the Atlantic shore with rocks and dunes, which are an invitation for a refreshing canter. Overnight stays are a dream in country hotels with traditional cooking. Experience the sand dunes and beautiful landscape of the Blue Coast on horseback. The Alentejo Coast Trail is offered starting in two directions ‐from North to South (Alentejo Coast N‐S) and from South to North (Alentejo Coast S-N).

The Alentejo Coast N‐S trail starts near the Atlantic Ocean at Melides and continues by rice fields to finish inland in Serra do Cercal with its hills covered by eucalyptus and cork forests. Another option is the Alentejo Coast S-N trail. This ride starts inland in Serra do Cercal and ends at Melides near the Atlantic Ocean.

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